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Because life is an incredible and fantastic journey


Anguish can become Hope

As a psychotherapist I believe it's time to be genuine and direct when I say pretending you cannot benefit from psychotherapy is problematic; or that if you see a psychotherapist, you are weak. Frankly, I can't imagine any excuse that makes sense about not seeing a psychotherapist.

The stigma about caring for the most important organ you possess MUST END! Without a healthy brain you have NOTHING. As far as I know brain transplants don't exist! Ignore the one you have and you could suffer needlessly!

And I don't care to hear "I don't believe in psychotherapy." Truly strong people don't fear ensuring their thinking feeling and behaving are healthy by seeing a psychotherapist.

Make a lasting investment in you or someone you love and schedule a session today. Then model healthy behavior and share with others that you see a psychotherapist and how your life has improved.

Take pride in telling others you are caring for your mental wellbeing! Be kind to your mind. See what a difference psychotherapy can have on your life!

Vulnerable can become Courageous
Anger can become Happiness Distrust can become Trust Reflection can become Awareness  

Learn to self-soothe/self-nurture
Learn healthy coping strategies to manage intense emotions
Manage anger
Manage depression
Manage anxiety
Manage stress
Find hope where there was once none
Become empowered and believe in yourself
Be a better partner
Be a healthy parent
Be a better student
Deal with grief resulting from many causes
Deal with various medical issues
Manage feelings resulting from past abuse
Manage self-injury
Manage eating disorders
Manage work related problems
Build self-esteem and self-worth
Manage blended families
Address life goals
Discover who you are
Become fulfilled and be the best you can be!

Picture of red roses And sometimes extra guidance can help you remember how to stop and smell the roses

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