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Sonja Simpson, MS, LPC
My curiosity guided my career choice. Growing up, I found it interesting how individuals born into the same family, by the same parents, could be so different. I often wondered why and how one family member's life could be the complete opposite of that of another member of the family with the same genetic make up.

Due to my increased level of faith, I was able to understand that life is a journey. As with any adventure, there are bound to be bumps, hills, valleys, and turns, all leading to situations forcing us to encounter roadblocks along our way. I believe these stumbling blocks, although undoubtedly difficult while in the midst, are part of a road map guiding us on our journey. Although we cannot undo each turn taken and life exposure faced, we can choose to reevaluate its affect on our path.

I utilize a Cognitive Behavioral model allowing individuals to identify how their thoughts influence their feelings, which, in turn, impact their behaviors. I also encompass a Solution-Focused approach to assist individuals in preparing and surpassing their milestones. I look forward to aiding you along your journey.

Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first appointment to complete your paperwork.


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