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I'm pleased to announce that H.O.P.E. Psychotherapy of Houston,PLLC, located in bucolic Cypress, TX has expanded to better serve the community! The expansion allows for the addition of more contract psychotherapists and other wellness professionals to conduct individual, family and group therapy, etc. In addition psychotherapists can rent space to conduct workshops even if not treating here on a regular basis. Finally space and professional support will allow for IOPs in this highly underserved area! Please contact me at 281-373-5200 if you'd like to join me in any of the above endeavors! Your time is now!

Below are a few pictures from move day into the new suites. And a picture of the new building adjacent to the old. Note we are continuing to occupy suite 103 in the old location next door. We have a larger waiting room and a new conference/group room. We will be doing a little construction between now and the end of the year to make H.O.P.E. an even more welcoming and comfortable space for our patients.

The Move The Move The Move
The Move The Move The Move
The new offices

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