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Nathan Driskell, MA, LPC-S, NCC
Hello and welcome. My name is Nathan Driskell, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I earned my Masters of Psychology from Houston Baptist University, and am licensed within the state of Texas. My interest in Psychology began when I was a teenager. When I was growing up, I had numerous health problems as I was born two months premature. During the first six years of my life I was often sick; so much so I missed most of my childhood. As a result, I did not get a chance to learn how to relate with children. As a result I had few friends, and spend most of my time alone.

As I matured my health improved, and I was able to interact with other children. Even though my childhood was a difficult time, it taught me how to deal with pain and isolation. When I was a senior in high school I was first introduced to the Internet. Through the Internet I was able to live a life I wanted, resulting in my addiction to an online game that lasted for six years. This addiction nearly destroyed me, as my grades in college suffered. The game gave me power, attention, and acceptance; which were all lacking in the real world. One day I decided I had enough; that I needed a real life and quit the game. I filled my time with school, and taught myself how to design websites. Soon after I gained my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Computer Information Systems Management.

My practicum experience in my Graduate program included assessment and counseling of children. I currently am focused on helping children, adults and couples with various issues, including: addiction, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. I am also an Internet Addiction Specialist, and treat Internet Addiction, Online Gambling, Online Sexual Addiction, and Multimedia Addiction. I am currently a counselor with H.O.P.E Psychotherapy of Houston.

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