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LaToya Gilmore EdD, LPC
We all want to be understood but allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and trust people with certain areas of our lives can be a difficult, sometimes scary thing to do. The therapeutic process provides a way to be known by another in a compassionate, safe and respectful environment. My goal is to foster a space where you are free to share who you are, who you aspire to become and address issues you want to give attention to. In the midst of managing our day to day lives, we often neglect the relationships we value and most importantly, ourselves.

Whether you are seeking counseling for individual, family, marriage or career related reasons, being able to release burdens, resolve conflicts or heal from past hurts is vital to obtaining the reality you desire for yourself. You may be new to therapy or feel the need to return. Either way, if you are reading this, you've taken an important step towards what you are seeking. Life is a gift we uniquely walk through daily, allow me to join you as you continue your journey.

Contact Dr. Gilmore at: lsgilmoretherapy@gmail.com.

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