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Noted Cleveland Clinic urologist Dr. Charles S. Modlin, Jr. visited H.O.P.E on 23 August 2015. Dr. Modlin is the founder of the Minority Men's Health Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and one of a handful of Black urologists in the country. He was in town, for the weekend, visiting his sister who is the founder of H.O.P.E. Discussions concerned how to expand H.O.P.E. to better server the African-American community and other underserved minority populations and to get the word out that there is no stigma to seeking help for mental health issues, no more so than for any other problem. Due to the shortness of his visit he was unable to confer with the Psychiatrists of Your Family Psychiatrist who are H.O.P.E.'s newest clinicians.

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