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Kerry Walsh
Hi! I'm Kerry Walsh, Co-Owner of Diet Terminator. My purpose is to encourage, inspire and coach busy women to stop simply surviving and start thriving by having a healthy relationship with food and fitness by building a foundation of new healthy habits to live a lifestyle they deserve.

My journey is likely similar to yours... yo-yo dieting since I can remember and always looking for that quick fix and expecting long-term sustainable results.

Not only was I chasing diet after diet, I struggled with my body image which kept me on the diet hamster wheel for years.

I became a personal trainer in my early 40's and the obsession of having "the perfect body" intensified which only caused more cycling of deprivation and binge eating behaviors as well as swimming in guilt and shame.

As I became acquainted on social media more and more with other fitness professionals my shame and embarrassment of my body became crippling.

I began working out even more and restricting, weighing and tracking my food. My energy dropped, I kept getting injured and my immune system was shot.

Clearly this path was not where I intended to go. I took a step back and realized my clients were pretty much going through the same thing…they were doing what I was doing...they were doing what I was coaching them to do.

I felt like a failure in my personal journey as well as for my clients. After years of working with hundreds of women who initially focused on weight loss, I realized that these women were seeking more... they were looking for not only a healthy lifestyle but also a healthy relationship with food. They wanted to enjoy social events, special celebrations and just everyday family time around the dinner table feeling progress... not the failure of perfection and guilt.

I was introduced to intuitive eating by a good friend and colleague who is a registered dietitian. This is when I realized the disordered eating behaviors and habits (not be be confused with eating disorders) I had developed through years of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating.

My passion to help women grew even stronger! Through my own journey, lots of research and a true understanding of what the fitness industry was missing I paddled my way what felt like up upstream river and was eventually connected with Shari Mitteco, creator of Diet Terminator.

Becoming Co-Owner of Diet Terminator has given me the opportunity to not only coach my clients with a program to help them find their freedom of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, but has also allowed me to work with other health and wellness professionals to help bring this knowledge and program to the wellness industry in hopes of helping many people overcome food addiction, unhealthy behaviors and find the balance and peace with food and exercise they deserve.

Health & Happiness,

Kerry Walsh

Kerry's Fitness 4 U
Diet Terminator

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