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At H.O.P.E. we provide Healing Opportunities that Promote Empowerment which will help you to cultivate and transform yourself into a person who has learned sustainable strategies to live a healthy life.

Are you faing the possibility of losing the people or things in life yo value and love?

  • Is life presenting challenges and you have no helpful ways to manage your emotions?
  • Do you cope in ways that have hurt yourself and others?
  • Have you wasted too much of your time trying to find answers without the results you want?
  • Have your relationships suffered because you don't know what to do to become a better and healthier person?
  • Do you feel you deserve happiness but can't figure out how to find it?

If your answer to ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS IS YES, I'm glad you've found H.O.P.E. Here, you can discover how your emotions can become your friends and in the process enhance your life.

We are psychotherapists/therapists/counselors who specialize in helping all types of people find joy in life by learning to cope effectively. We treat children, teens/adolescents and adults. At H.O.P.E. one can find help with depression, anxiety, anger/poor emotional control, ADHD, communication difficulties, couples/marriage difficulties, poor socialization skills, abuse, trauma, grief, self-injury, eating disorders and inability to cope with life's stressors among other issues. Take a journey through our website to learn about us, find helpful products, resources and free materials/articles.

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